Rhythmic Dissonance


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Alright, so I’ve gone 20 months without posting anything on this blog. I think the writing’s on the wall. I don’t need this blog anymore. Or more specifically, I don’t have time for blogging. Other things have higher priority – work, family (which now includes my eight month old daughter) and other fun stuff! And I am okay with that. I started this blog in 2003 when blogs were the new buzzword. And its been a fun ride! But its time to retire this blog. I plan to redesign my…read more


And the Blog Goes On!

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With very regular readers left by the time I wrote the last post almost a year ago, not too many people seem to have noticed the dearth of posts. To share some updates, I got married last November 🙂 and  moved into a new apartment in May. Also, moved the blog to a new web host in July.  And in all honesty, I didn’t really miss blogging in this one year. With Facebook, twitter and (now) Google plus, there are enough tools at my disposal to share my thoughts (in…read more


New Music Recently Discovered Through TV Shows

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Just like movies, TV shows can also be a great way of discovering new music especially music which you would never listen to otherwise. In my case, most music I discover is similar to the music I like but by artists I don’t give a try. Its weird that most music I discover is Alternative/Indie and Electronica. Or is it simply a case of self-selection? So here’s a list of few songs I discovered recently through TV and liked enough to listen again (and mention here!): 1. Undercover Martyn by…read more


Hyd and Seek

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After a longish, fat filled vacation at home, I returned to Hyderabad (Hyd, in short) almost three months ago. I have since started working, rented a house, and bought all kinds of things to make it livable. The experience of living in the city (i.e. in the real Hyd and not inside the walls of ISB) so far has been okay at best. And that is after living in Banjara Hills, one of the better parts of the city and working in Somajiguda, the city center.  Based on my interactions…read more


My Favorite Road in Bangalore

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I was looking at some old pictures and found this picture I took about 2 years ago of my favorite road in Bangalore. Now, doesn’t it look beautiful? It was a nice, clean, treelined road with little traffic. It was absolutely serene and perfect for evening walks. For the curious folks, this is 3rd Cross, Kalyan Nagar (see it on Google Maps), very close to where I used to live.