Blog Banner/Random Rants

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I am back. I forgot to mention my blog’s banner yesterday so I’ll do it now. I made it yesterday in Photoshop (more like remastered the pic and added text). Tell me what you think of it. I think it suits the title, don’t you?

Anyway, I had a very bad morning today and I would like to take this opportunity to rant and complain (its been a long time since I last did that):

  • I hate the old lady who lives in the house right opposite to mine. She feeds the street dogs for god’s sake and when I say feed, I mean she literally goes to the dogs and serves its meal. Who does that? I have tried giving her the eye of shame twice but to no avail.
  • There are scores of little girls in my neighborhood and that makes me miss all my nieces and my family.
  • Everybody knows how hard it is to get an auto rickshaw to stop for you but if you are trying to cross the road and waiting for the autos to pass then all autos will slow down and the drivers will look at you in anticipation. Those freaks!!.
  • That’s all for now, more ranting later…