The Keyword Chronicles Vol. 1

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Keywords are fun, sometimes accurate, sometimes totally misleading. I’m sure everyone has had those moments when they thought they had found what they were searching for but the most relevant results turned out to be completely unconnected with the search term. I’ve had a lot of those.

A post by Jonybr inspired me to share some of the keywords that bring people to my blog.

A lot of people come looking for Rockstar:INXS related information:

twop inxs (Google)
twop rock star inxs (Yahoo)
jd rock star inxs (MSN)
rock star inxs week 4 (MSN)
rockstar inxs leper pop (MSN)
african american rockstars (MSN)

Some come looking for music:

daniel powter piano score (Yahoo)
amit sana chal diye video out (Google)
kailash kher- inorbit (Google)
can i get lyrics of the song chal diye – amit sana (Google) “Complete sentence search, huh?”

Some looking for lonely things:

girls lonely at home (MSN) “Hmm…”
lonely thoughts (MSN)
my heart aches, i am lonely (MSN) “Looking for other suicidal people, I guess?”
song how could you get so lonely (MSN)

Some for TV related stuff:

KBC2 India 3rd September 2005 number of episodes over (Google)
KBC2 is making FOOL to everyone! have a look… (Google) “Fool to everyone?”

Some come looking for some unrelated stuff:

justborn cunningham road (Google) “Isn’t ‘Just Born’ on Millers Road?”
emami “fair and handsome” (Google)

And some come looking for the exact things that I offer:

There’s a man in the habit of hitting me on the head with an umbrella (MSN) “Great job, perfect match. I have a post with the same title”