The twO-in-One tag

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I looked around and didn’t see too much activity on any of the blogs I usually visit so I decided to take matters into my hands and I came up with a small two-in-one tag to get things going.

The first step in this two-step meme is to find your Japanese name using the Japanese Name Generator (via Blog Reader and his Blog). It’s completely random and doesn’t take too much time which is why its fun. Also, my name turned out to be Shou Ito, which is really small compared to other Japanese names and I really like it. I won’t mind it if you call me by that name at all.

The second and a little longer step is to dig into your blog’s archives and find the one post, which you think (remember this. its important!), is the worst post you’ve ever written. It could be a post you wanted to delete before anybody could read it – maybe you even did that. Or a post you wished nobody would read, or maybe it was so bad that you wrote another post soon to ensure it wasn’t at the top of your blog.

Here on Thoughts on a lonely afternoon, my worst post has to be “Why Do It Yourself?”. It’s really very dumb. Almost mind numbing.

I want everyone to do this. Cos if you do this, I’ll mention your name and post your post’s permalink here. (How tempting is that?)

So start working on it. Now!

Well, here are the posts that were written in response to this tag:

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