Rhythmic Dissonance

Fours years on!

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Four years ago, on this very day, I came to Bangalore. And things have been really good here. I’m happy with the way my life – professional and personal – has turned out in the last four years. But lets go back to the day I came to Bangalore. I was all prepared to say goodbye to my home as it was the first time I was going away for so long. Nobody knew how long but I had an intuition that it wouldn’t be a short trip. But there…read more


A Tale of A Weird Evening

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Alright, so after writing many posts about how I don’t read book, I finally got inspired by these posts and decided to pick up not one but two books. The first book I chose was “To Kill A Mockingbird” which was easy to find but the second book, “The Picture Of Dorian Gray” wasn’t to be found in any of the 5-6 bookstores I visited. I was hopeful that I would find it in Gangarams, the  only bookstore I couldn’t visit bacause its closed on Sundays. So last Saturday evening,…read more


Pic Crazy

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I present here some pictures and though the pictures in this post are perfectly capable of speaking for themselves, I’ll give some background on these. The first picture is of a shop on Whitefield Road that I pass everyday on my way to work and back. It was first noticed by a friend who shared it with me and its been the reason for many laughs for the two of us since then. But I felt something like this should be shared with the whole world so here it is…read more


The Big Move

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After living in my (now) old studio apartment for a little over 3 years, I finally moved into to a much bigger apartment in a new neighborhood. What makes this move even bigger is the fact that I don’t live alone anymore. I share the new apartment with a colleague/friend. The new apartment is bigger, better, closer to work and the new neighborhood is one of the very few proper suburbs in Bangalore complete with wide, mostly traffic-free, tree lined avenues. The move made sense and I am happy I…read more


Back Home

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It’s been close to two weeks since I returned back home and things have been mostly okay. I didn’t blog partly because I was busy and partly because I just didn’t feel like. On my first day to work after coming back, my cell phone’s alarm stuck to following the German time zone (even though I had changed the time zone) and went off at 9:00 am which meant I had to go through a harrowing experience of getting from the centre of the city to Whitefield during the peak…read more