Rhythmic Dissonance

And the Blog Goes On!

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With very regular readers left by the time I wrote the last post almost a year ago, not too many people seem to have noticed the dearth of posts. To share some updates, I got married last November 🙂 and  moved into a new apartment in May. Also, moved the blog to a new web host in July.  And in all honesty, I didn’t really miss blogging in this one year. With Facebook, twitter and (now) Google plus, there are enough tools at my disposal to share my thoughts (in…read more


Real, Soon

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It’s no secret that the frequency of my posts dropped significantly along with the number of loyal readers in the past year. Now that the roller coaster ride that I got on 11 months ago is about to come to an end, I feel its time to return to regular blogging. But honestly, me being busy in studies wasn’t the only reason for the sharp decline in the number of posts recently. Another major reason was that writing a full fledged post almost seemed like a big task rather than…read more


Brand New!

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After spending 2 months on preparing for GMAT, taking it in October, then starting the long and tiresome application process and now after getting an admit in a school of my choice, I think its finally time to document my journey to a B school on my blog! I did write about how I felt going through the process in this and this post in a subtle manner. My life is headed for a big change right now. A week from new I’ll be relieved from my job and next Saturday, I’ll…read more


Twenty Two, the third!

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First, a little background on the title. I wrote the first posts of last year and the year before that on 22nd January and named them similarily.I do feel a little sad about not updating the blog much but then the readership has dwindled anyway so not too many people miss new posts on the blog. Of course, writing more would be a good way to win new readers and I plan to do that in the new future. Life’s been hectic but good and I am progressing well on…read more


200 and Counting!

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Yeah! It has finally happened! You are reading the 200th post of this blog. It may not seem like a big achievement to some but it certainly feels like one to me. So go out to the nearest cake shop, get a piece of your favorite cake and eat it cos its celebration time! Whats funny is that I wrote this celebratory 100th post way back in November 2006 which means that it took me 17 months to write the second hundred posts when it only took me only 4…read more