Rhythmic Dissonance

Random Seinfeld Quote #5

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… Jerry : So we’re going to make the Post Office pay for my new stereo? Kramer : It’s just a write off for them. Jerry : How is it a write off? Kramer : They just write it off. Jerry : Write it off what? Kramer : Jerry all these big companies they write off everything Jerry : You don’t even know what a write off is. Kramer : Do you? Jerry : No. I don’t. Kramer : But they do and they are the ones writing it off….read more


A Tale of A Weird Evening

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Alright, so after writing many posts about how I don’t read book, I finally got inspired by these posts and decided to pick up not one but two books. The first book I chose was “To Kill A Mockingbird” which was easy to find but the second book, “The Picture Of Dorian Gray” wasn’t to be found in any of the 5-6 bookstores I visited. I was hopeful that I would find it in Gangarams, theĀ  only bookstore I couldn’t visit bacause its closed on Sundays. So last Saturday evening,…read more


Pic Crazy

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I present here some pictures and though the pictures in this post are perfectly capable of speaking for themselves, I’ll give some background on these. The first picture is of a shop on Whitefield Road that I pass everyday on my way to work and back. It was first noticed by a friend who shared it with me and its been the reason for many laughs for the two of us since then. But I felt something like this should be shared with the whole world so here it is…read more


Twenty Two Again!

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In case you are wondering what the title means, I wrote this post titled Twenty Two exactly an year ago. The last few days have been full of confusion. Has it ever happened to you feel that even though everything is going okay, you still feel a little concernedĀ  as if something is not right. Also, I keep trying to do new things in life but somehow all of those soon merge into the mundane fabric of my life. Is there even a solution? I’m not sure. I’m not even…read more


Why I Love My Broadband Connection

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In September 2007, my ISP, Tata Indicom, introduced online bill payment. (Yeah! There are that technically advanced! ) This is what the bill I needed to pay back then looked like: So I logged into their website and went through the whole process of payment using a credit card only to get a timeout error in the end. So I restarted the process, choosing to pay using my bank account. The same error resurfaced. I got a little worried now so I checked my bank account’s statement immediately only to…read more