Rhythmic Dissonance

My Favorite Road in Bangalore

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I was looking at some old pictures and found this picture I took about 2 years ago of my favorite road in Bangalore. Now, doesn’t it look beautiful? It was a nice, clean, treelined road with little traffic. It was absolutely serene and perfect for evening walks. For the curious folks, this is 3rd Cross, Kalyan Nagar (see it on Google Maps), very close to where I used to live.

My Desktop

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For years, I had only one icon on my desktop, the recycle bin. And when I found that Rainmeter can help me get rid of it, I wasted no time in customizing it to suit my needs. Windows 7 has already made the desktop cleaner and Rainmeter filled in the gaps. And what I like the most about the desktop is the beautiful ‘Lexis’ clock on the top right and the iTunes mini control bar on the bottom left.

Reminiscing the Year Gone By

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Thanks to all the photos, I can go back in time and relive the fantastic year I had at ISB. Take a look at all the pictures of the campus here.