Rhythmic Dissonance

Sale Fear

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It’s the season of sales. Every clothing brand currently has an ongoing “off season” sale going on which offer up to 70% off in some cases. I’ve always found these sales scary. There are too many people in the store during the sale, clothes are just lying around everywhere and I can never find anything my size. I accompanied a friend to such a sale last Sunday and spent many hours trying to find something I liked. In the end, I couldn’t and decided to go back there when the…read more


Colorblindness and Blurred Memories

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Two days ago, I decided to take a seemingly harmless test on Facebook, the colorblindness test. But soon enough, it turned my world around. I only managed to score 2/10 and the second one was more of a guess. Yes, turns out I am colorblind! So all these years when I looked at something and thought it was of a particular color, it probably wasn’t. And now I’ll have to spend the rest of my life knowing that I might be seeing things a little differently than others. Sucks! Whats…read more


Of Accomplished Missions, iPhone Killer and Hateful Buses

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On my last visit back home, I was told that I had gained some weight which was surprising because I had already joined the gym and I thought it was working for me. After hearing lots of similar comments, I decided to take matters into hand, went through lots of websites related to health & diet and came up with my own plan of eating healthy and staying fit. And thus began “Mission Hotness”! It was essentially a 2 month plan (which ends August 31) that required me to live…read more


The Comeback

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The best way to return to blogging after almost three months would be to recap for all of you the major events that happened during this period that I was away. So here it is in my favorite unordered list format: I was feeling low for few weeks in Jan-Feb and I reached the conclusion that I was going through a quarter-life crisis. I don’t exactly know what caused it but without wasting too much time, I decided to do what I generally suggest people to do in such situations….read more


Show off and Much More

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First things first. Presenting before you, my totally new laptop, an HP Pavilion dv6114tx. I need a name for it. So please suggest a name. It should obviously be a heroic name like Merlin or something. Looks sexy, doesn’t it? (The pic has been deliberately cropped to ensure that you don’t see the wire clutter.) And now, the second showcasing of the post. Yes, its my brand new iPod 80 GB. Please note that my palm just made its second appearance on this blog. And I know that its not…read more