Rhythmic Dissonance

Hyd and Seek

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After a longish, fat filled vacation at home, I returned to Hyderabad (Hyd, in short) almost three months ago. I have since started working, rented a house, and bought all kinds of things to make it livable. The experience of living in the city (i.e. in the real Hyd and not inside the walls of ISB) so far has been okay at best. And that is after living in Banjara Hills, one of the better parts of the city and working in Somajiguda, the city center.¬† Based on my interactions…read more


Twenty Two, the third!

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First, a little background on the title. I wrote the first posts of last year and the year before that on 22nd January and named them similarily.I do feel a little sad about not updating the blog much but then the readership has dwindled anyway so not too many people miss new posts on the blog. Of course, writing more would be a good way to win new readers and I plan to do that in the new future. Life’s been hectic but good and I am progressing well on…read more


2008: Year Ender

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Ah, the last day of the year! Always a good day for introspection. Fortunately for me, I’ve been introspecting¬†for the past 1-2 months and though I am mostly satisfied with how things have been so far, I feel the need to do more in life. So the plan is to continue learning new things. This means I’ll continue learning German (I recently completed German A1 level exam! Yay!), take up guitar lessons again, learn to swim, continue learning to cook and much more. Also, I had kinda loosened up on…read more


(Online) Battle of The Indian Supermarkets

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The Indian retail industry is booming and lots of snazzy supermarkets have popped up in most cities. A lot of these are either owned or have been acquired by major business houses . There are 7 such stores within the 2 km radius of my house. But since I am planning to move to a different area, I decided to look up their websites and use the store locater to find a store in the new area. But what I soon discovered was that some of these supermarkets don’t even…read more


Fresh From The Randomizer

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There used to be a time when no matter what I read or heard never moved me much. Not anymore! I seem to be in a place where most of the things I read affect me. I take in much more now. Even the music I listen to makes more impact now than ever before. I am unsure if this is good or bad but I think I should be more careful about what I read or listen to. I should filter out all the things that are unworthy of…read more