Rhythmic Dissonance

Magical Hampi

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After prolonged planning and few last minute surprises, I, along with a friend, set out on a trip to Hampi on the weekend of February 28 – March 1, 2009. We reached Hospet and then Hampi on Saturday morning and got a room in Ranjana Guest House in Hampi Bazaar. Its recommended by Lonely Planet and served us some excellent breakfast and snacks during the time we stayed there. If you are not looking for luxury, its a pretty good option. I had already researched all the places we could cover in two…read more


I Don’t Like It

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It’s never easy to accept the truth especially when the truth is that one is losing interest in blogging. Add to that the fact that one’s swamped with work and what you get is no post for exactly a month!! But lets not talk about it. So my trip to Lucknow on Diwali went well. I spent 2 days in Delhi and just 9 days at home. Diwali night was fun though a little too windy. I took lots of photos out of which 14 pictures are posted on flickr…read more


Home Sick

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Last Wednesday, after being confined to my home on the bandh day, I swore to myself that I would not stay at home the whole day ever. And I spent the whole of Thursday and Friday very much at home because I was down with viral fever. Oh, the irony of life! But those two days and two long nights were horrible. I constantly ran a fever of 103.5 degrees and hence couldn’t sleep. To make things worse, this was the first time I fell ill since I started living…read more



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On my last weekend in Germany, I, along with two colleagues, decided to go to Paris. But this time, we booked tickets for a tour which included bus trip to Paris and back, hotel stay in Paris and few sightseeing tours. Our bus left for Paris on Friday night and I woke up to find myself in a new place. But Let me tell you what I thought of Paris before I continue. It’s fantastic! The best place I’ve ever been to! It’s artistic & beautiful, lively & colorful &…read more


Rome, Pisa, Florence in 2 days

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Last weekend our group of three set out on our first major weeekend trip, to Italy. We left for Frankfurt in the wee hours of Saturday morning and took a flight for Rome at 7.40 am. Reached Rome in about 1 and a half hour, checked in to our hostel (which was very near to Termini Station) and then started our tour of the city. Italy seemed far more foreign than Germany did to me. I’ll let the pictures do the talking from now on. We walked for 10 minutes…read more