A Monster in my Bathroom

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Just when I was about to go to bed last night, I saw something moving in my (unused) bathtub. I moved closer and it was this thing.

Now, I had no idea what this thing was. I had never seen anything like this ever before in my life. I assume its some species of centipede.

I thought I will wash it down the drain but soon I realized that it could swim very well. So I thought I’d push it down the drain forcefully with the help of a bucket full of water and my bathroom mop but every time I pushed it in the drain, it reappeared after a few secs just like those nasty ghosts in the horror movies who just don’t die and resurface to scare you. The thing moved so quickly in the water, it was scary.

So I was left with no other option. I had to kill it cos no way in hell was I going to sleep with this monster moving around in my bathroom so I employed my mop as a weapon and soon it was dead. But it didn’t go down without a fight. It took more than 15 seconds to kill it. Well, all’s well that ends well!

EDIT: oops, I forgot to mention the inspiration for this post. Atif has had several run-ins with intruders in the past including this recent one. We are together in this fight against intrusion of all kinds.