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My life is becoming a little boring n mundane these days. Nothing interesting happens ever.
So I thought of writing about an interesting incident that happened in the past.

This happened when I was coming back from Lucknow to Bangalore. I happened to have the window seat next to the emergency exit on the flight. One of the airhostesses came to me and asked if I was okay with being seated there. I replied in affirmative. Then she started telling me about the procedure I’ll need to follow in case of an emergency and I listened carefully, hoping at the back of my mind that I don’t actually have to do it, but then she stopped all of a sudden and turned her face to look at me and asked me, “Are you over 16?” I was shocked, surprised, amused, appalled all at the same time and couldn’t control my smile when I told her that I was actually 23. She seemed to be a little taken aback by my reply cos she immediately replied, “Oh, but you don’t look that old.”

Now, I know I do look younger than most other people my age and can easily pass off as a 20-21 year old (in fact, some college students look far older than me) but 16 yrs old? That’s just ridiculous.