Are You Patriotic?

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Independence Day is just around the corner and I have a great story to share with everyone. Last year on 15th August, CNBC-TV18 did a special show on what Independence Day meant to Indians. They interviewed people from various walks of life on its significance and if it meant anything other than a holiday. They also asked questions like “What do you do to celebrate Independence Day” and “Are You Patriotic?” to which people responded differently.
But one really bright girl (most probably a college student) when asked, “Are You Patriotic?” perhaps thinking that the question or patriotism or both were beneath her said, “I don’t believe in Patriotism”. I remember laughing hysterically when I heard it because seriously, are you kidding me?

Its like saying you don’t believe in sincerity or loyalty or honesty or even stupidity. Patriotism is an attribute or trait of humans and either you are patriotic or you’re not or you’re somewhere between these two extremes but you don’t have to believe in it.
Though there’s no denying that next time you are late for a meeting, instead of making an excuse just say “I don’t believe in punctuality” and walk-off. Just might be a little difficult to pull-off with a straight face for me.