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Its just been two days since I landed at the Frankfurt Airport and I think I’m already used to the routine here. Things have been great so far. People had really scared me before coming here that its too hot and it was hot when I reached but it started raining on Sunday evening and the weather has been pleasant since then. I have not taken too many pictures yet either.

This is the first time I’m visiting a foreign country but what’s weird is that I don’t feel like I’m in a foreign place at all. I feel like I feel when I visit any Indian city for the first time. This in spite of the fact that Germans are all around me. Is that weird or normal? Whatever!

I have seen quite a few new things here though. Graffiti being one of them, pin drop silence on the streets being another and most surprising of all, cars stopping for the pedestrians to cross the road. Plus it was a li’l difficult to adjust to the fact that it gets dark only after 9:30 pm.

I know this isn’t a long post but I wrote it using a German keyboard which, I tell you, is not easy to use.