Have Camera Phone, Will Click

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What’s the deal with so many people taking out their camera phones at the drop of a hat and taking pictures everywhere? Nowadays, every third or fourth guy has a camera phone so it couldn’t be for showoff (unless they are idiots, that is). So why do they do it?

We had a gathering to celebrate the belated birthday of few visiting execs from Mumbai and three guys immediately pulled out their phones to take pictures. What are they possibly going to gain by taking pictures of people they hardly know? Am I missing something? I don’t think so. I think it’s a classic case of “Begaani shaadi mein Abdullah deewana”, a Hindi idiom that roughly translates into “Abdullah going crazy over somebody else’s wedding”. So anyways, one of the tree self-appointed photographers soon started moving around to get the picture from the best angle or something and soon he was few cm away from me, his back facing me and still moving back expecting me to move away I guess. But I didn’t cos I love freaking people out. Especially the ones I hate. So he turned his face around and looked at me and I looked at him back. He turned his face back, took the photo and then went away in search of a different angle. It was funny.