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These are some of the funnier observations I made during my vacation. My phone cam really came in handy in capturing all of these. Some pictures are a little shaky cause I can’t stay still for too long.

  1. Have you ever seen a store with a glass door use this kinda lock with a chain? Well, I hadn’t until I saw this at a mall in Lucknow.


  2. This guy is some yogi and probably respected by some (??) but this photo of his holding a gada(mace) is just plain funny! Caught this in Gopinath Market, Delhi Cantonment.


  3. Do you want a new child in your family but think the whole process is too cumbersome. Well, a multiplex in Sahibabad has just the thing for you. Take a look!


  4. For people who can’t read Hindi, the next picture is of a store’s ad which lists all the things sold there. What makes it special though is that the list is extremely comprehensive and yet there’s a note at the end which claims that the store sells some other stuff too!


  5. The next picture is of a caption at a fruit vendor’s stall. The caption says “Fix Rate” [sic] which is okay but look at the nicely drawn fruits. Reminds me of my art file from primary school.


  6. As a bonus, here are two older pictures from Bangalore (both from Banaswadi Road) that have been on my flickr for a while now.