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Why don’t people listen something and just stick to it?

I was attending a presentation be a very senior official who is known to be quite strict about keeping the no cell phones on silent mode. So obviously most of the crowd (the ones with some amount of brains in them) did that but as it turns out few guys did not and not surprisingly they were the ones who started getting calls or messages during the presentation and all of us were forced to listen to all kinds of jazzy ringtones. The official looked a little distracted but didn’t say anything. But one guy kept getting one call after another and finally the official had to ask everyone to turn the phones off.

Incidents like these are not common which brings me to my other question? Why can’t these goddammit people put their phones on vibrator? Is it because:

  1. They are so dumb that they don’t know that cell phones have a silent mode.
  2. They want everyone in the room to know that they get a lot of calls.
  3. They have no sense of touch and hence wouldn’t be able to make use of the vibrator.
  4. They are f*ckers with no concern for anybody else.

Take your pick!