Spider, Man!!

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Spiders are evil. No, really, they are. I consider spiders to be one of the most despicable creatures. I simply hate them. I think my hatred is rooted in the fact that they dirty the place where they stay by making sticky cobwebs that I, as a cleanliness freak, can just not tolerate. So I make sure that whenever I see a spider, it’s my last sighting of that spider.

I used to suck all the spiders I found in my room into the vacuum when I was in Lucknow. Oh, how happy it made me feel. But since I don’t have a vacuum in my room here, the first time I saw a spider, I didn’t know what to do but then I decided to use a newspaper to squash it and what I was about to find out was that it is far more satisfying to kill a spider this way, what with all the spider guts spilt out everywhere. So whenever you see a spider, squash it whatever you can find. Seriously, do it!