The Perfect Solution

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If you live in Bangalore then it is hard for you to have missed one interview after another of former Prime Minister and JD (S) National President H D Deve Gowda on how the proposed metro rail is going to be a disaster, it has evil powers and whatnot and frankly I’m tired of it. And the worst part about it is that he doesn’t seem to be genuinely concerned about Bangalore or its people coz if he was, he would have raised these “concerns” months ago and not now when the work on the project is about to begin. Don’t get me wrong, I am aware of the implications of our country being a democracy, you know free speech and all that but do the politicians really deserve those rights? I don’t think they do.

So I propose the perfect solution for this gowda – metro crisis. Just put him down. I mean we all know how he loved to sleep during his daily engagements as a prime minister. I think this will solve the metro crisis once and for all. And let this be a lesson to all other politicians that this may happen to them too. I mean if we can an aviation policy to shoot hijacked planes down before they can destroy strategic targets why can’t we have a policy to put down all these politicians before they can derail important infrastructure projects like this one. Of course, unlike the three-stage classification in the aviation policy, this would only require one – stage classification, the timing of the politician’s “concerns”.