Which Class?

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Few days ago, an article in The Times Of India caught my attention. The title said, “World-class governance needed”. It was actually an interview of Karnataka’s Former chief minister M Veerappa Moily in which he said that India needed world-class governance to “stand up in such a competitive atmosphere and integrate [India’s] economy with the world economy”. Now, I had a question in my mind. What exactly is world-class governance? I mean, really, it is one thing to say world-class service; even world-class city is okay but world-class governance? Please, people. Try to make sense. Don’t make world-class or any-class a standard prefix.

But unfortunately this class fixation is everywhere. A new hoarding for “Kingfisher Airlines” on my way to the office claims that it offers “world-class in-flight entertainment” and “international class cabin crew”. International class? Now, that’s just ridiculous. Is it not? Am I the only person to which this doesn’t make sense? I hope not.