Why do people drink beer?

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I used to wonder what beer must taste like when I was a teenager. I knew it must taste great cos everyone loves beer but how great exactly. My curiosity only grew with time but I never tried drinking beer cos I just didn’t want to try any form of alcohol cos I didn’t want to lose control over myself which is something that alcohol does.

But few months back, one of my friends decided that I should try beer after all and I also decided that there was no harm in doing so. I mean, I was with a friend who I could trust to take care of me if I get drunk (I know you cant get drunk by drinking beer but it was my first time so I was scared).

So my friend got me a bottle of Kingfisher, which I then poured into a glass (I couldn’t possibly have drank directly from the bottle). But even before I could take my first sip, a strange smell hit me …and it was the beer. God, it smelled awful. So I was expected to drink that smelly thing? My friend and his friend started laughing and said it smelled great. I thought they were completely crazy but decided to drink it anyways. I almost vomited after I took it in. It tasted like soap water, but worse. I tried drinking it again thinking I might have missed something the first time but no, it really did taste like soap water gone bad the second time too.

I never tried drinking beer ever again and have not been able to stop wondering why then people drink beer.

*Update*: If you are looking for answers, scroll through the comments.