Yes, Minister

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Deputy Chief Minister of Karnataka, M.P. Prakash, gave a wonderful speech on Tuesday.

“It is unfortunate that these crorepatis (industrialists) think they form a major chunk of the city’s population. The city comprises people from all professions. The Government has to cater to the needs of all sections of society and not just the IT sector,” he said.

Well, of course, how can they assume that the non-crorepati, non-IT population of the city want good roads, less traffic jams, proper drainage and sanitation, better public transport, fewer electricity outages like them?

“Instead of asking what the Government has done to improve Bangalore, why cannot the industrialists ponder over what they have done for the city,” the Deputy Chief Minister asked.

Yeah, what have they ever done for the city except bringing in foreign investment, providing employment, generating tax revenue and other countless atrocities? Not to mention the heinous act of creating a public-private body called BATF, which created bus shelters and public urinals all over the city among other things. Had the government not realized that they were evil, stopped supporting them and forced them to shut shop, who knows what other harm they might have done to the city.

So, indeed, the IT sector has no reason to complain.

Well said, Minister.