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I don’t have anything major to write about so I decided to do something I think I’m good at. Make smalltalk! Its fun. It can lead to new friendships and is a handy tool for boredom avoidance. But it can be tough if the other person doesn’t respond. I’m hoping all you readers wouldn’t act like that.

So what better way to start it than talking about the weather! For the past two weeks now, Bangalore has been really wet. And the rain has amazing timing. It starts to rain every time I decide to go out. But I still don’t let the rain ruin my plans.

Also, I have noticed that I am mostly happier when I am alone compared to when I am with people. Not with all people but some of them. Does that mean something? Apart from the fact that I am more fun than those people.

In other unrelated news, I have a doubt in my mind. I wonder if my blog personality runs a risk of coming across as a mimbo. Fortunately, I don’t have any such fears in real life. So what do all of you think?

Update: I think I inadvertently became an accomplice to a suicide yesterday. I was on my my way home when I noticed a cockroach crossing the road. And before I could do anything, it got smashed under the front wheel. Now, this may seem like an accident but think about it. Why does a cockroach need to cross the road? It doesn’t! Which is why I think it was a suicide attempt. And well-timed too! I just hope that the police doesn’t investigate the case.