The Wonder Years

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As is common knowledge, I am a man with a mission. There’s always something I’m working on. I started my new mission of digitalizing all the old photos lying around the house as soon as I got home. Now, old photos can bring back a lot of memories. Especially yearly class photos from school. These photos helped me recall the names of so many people who I had completely forgotten or so I thought.

But one photo from kindergarten had in it my first crush if we don’t count Sridevi. What? Don’t you judge me! She was a superstar and I was a little kid! Anyways, I don’t even remember the name of my first crush now (Was it Rakshita?) but I do remember that I used to like her and wanted her to sit next to me in the classroom. And one day, my class teacher made her sit next to me which resulted in her crying a lot because she wanted to sit next to her friend. This totally saddened me but not for long. We were 5 after all! We became friends the same day and I don’t remember how long we stayed friends. The next year I moved to a different part of the city and started attending a different school.

Coming back to the present, there’s a new dry fruits store opening this week in Lucknow and its curiously titled “Hey Keshav Its Yours” (Keshav is a guy’s name, in case you didn’t know) .  I have no clue what the name means. Let me know if you do.