I Love Opera

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As you might have guessed from the picture, I am talking about Opera Web Browser. I simply love it. I wanted to write about it for quite some time but since Opera became free yesterday, I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to tell everyone why I love it.

I started using Opera in 2001 and was very impressed. I mean, it had tabbed browsing and popup blocker even back then and was much faster than IE and that was a big factor considering I was a dialup user. It even allowed hiding all the images of a web page.
So it soon became my favorite browser. It did have some minor problems and some sites didn’t work with it properly but that wasn’t much of a problem cos I used IE for those few sites. It had a search bar too.

Opera tabbed browsing

Opera has evolved wonderfully since then. It has its own mail client; RSS feed reader (I use it to keep track of 40 blogs), great looking skins, download manager and whatnot. It even has a trash can which basically stores information about the recently closed windows. These are just some of the wonderful features that it offers.

It has mouse gestures that, even though I don’t use, can be very helpful. It also allows you to store a session (meaning all the open windows).

Its usage was a little limited till now because it displayed an add in the free version and you needed to pay for a premium version without adds but now that it has gone free, I’m sure it will become very popular soon.

So go ahead and give it a try, download Opera from http://www.opera.com/.