A Series Of Accidents

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I went to the Airtel shop on Cunningham Road on Sunday and only 2 of the 7-8 desks had representatives. One of the two was talking on the phone so I went to the other one. Now, this girl was chewing something. I told her that I wanted to migrate from prepaid to postpaid. She told me to come the next day. I was not happy with her response so I asked if she could at least give me some info. Now she opened her mouth to answer me but then …she started choking on whatever she was eating and she suddenly got up and started coughing. I was standing still all this while thinking if I should do something. After she gained control a few seconds later, she looked at me with her watery eyes and said, “Sorry, Sir”. I smiled. (I didn’t know what else to do!) She told me that the guy who manages migrations hadn’t come which is why I must come the next day. Not in a state to trouble her more, I said thanks and got out of the shop.
A female colleague of mine came back from a trip to Goa (her hometown) yesterday and I being a gadget freak noticed almost instantly that she had a new cell phone. So I’m checking out her phone and then I landed up in the videos folder. I asked her if it was okay if I saw the videos. She told me to go ahead. And guess what the first video had in it. It was her dancing away on some song. But what was funny was that it was apparently taken without her knowledge and showed her backside. It was absolutely hilarious. I kept watching it for sometime, trying my best to hide the laughter but I gave in soon and then she figured it out and took the phone away from me. This kept me smiling the whole day.