Anger Management

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I’ve always known that I have a short fuse and a lot of things can trigger it but some recent incidents made me realize the extent of the problem and that it needs to be addressed immediately.

So, for now,I have decided that the best way to keep my anger in control is by avoiding to do things that are likely to trigger my anger.This means that I will leave home early because I know that the traffic sucks and there’s nothing I can do about it. I’ve also decided to avoid taking the shortcut that passes through a railway crossing which is closed for at least 15-20 minutes at a stretch and does not open until at least 2-3 trains have gone through. I’m better off taking the regular road.

And no more will I ever go to a particular supermarket which is run by a family of morons and where a checkout can take anywhere between 15-30 minutes even if you buy just one item.Avoiding the triggers has worked so far. I hope will work in the future too because I definitely don’t wanna get high blood pressure and lose my hair at such a young age.