As You Like It

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  • I used to think that I’m not a very good friend in that I never stay in touch with old friends. Whenever I move to a new place, I make new friends and forget the old ones but maybe I’ve changed with time. Whatever. These days I often wonder where my school friends might be. In the past two months, I have managed to get in touch with four old friends. I found three of them on Orkut and one found me through NamesDatabase. And it feels good to know how much has happened in their lives. I last met one of them 14 years ago (which means I was only 10 then). And the best part is that she lives close by in Chennai and might visit Bangalore soon.
  • I haven’t written anything about Bangalore’s roads recently but that doesn’t mean that nothing’s happening. So first the high court appointed an expert committee that inspected the roads and reached the conclusion that the roads were of poor quality. Well, duh? Even a child can tell you that. Later, BMP (Bangalore Mahanagar Palike) decided to paint the lane marks on the roads with a high quality expensive paint that shines at night, which is good. But then they went ahead and claimed that the paint will last for 2 years. Now! If only they could explain how this could ever be possible given that the roads these are being painted on won’t last even 2 months. What a waste!
  • I have finally found a good gym near my home. Its large, has all the modern equipment, it’s new so not too crowded, the rates are reasonable and it even has lockers. In short, it’s perfect. But I haven’t made up my mind yet and I can’t think of an excuse for not joining it. So help me out.
  • I think a girl who has recently joined the company likes me. She has given me “the smile” and “the look” several times in the cafeteria. Now I may be wrong. Maybe she smiles and “looks” at everyone. Who knows? I didn’t really like her at first but the fact that she may like me has made me start liking her little bit. Once I was waiting for the elevator to go to the first floor and when its door opened, she was the only one inside it. I thought she’ll get off (cos I work at the topmost floor of the building) and when she didn’t, I tried to ask her the reason by a brow pop (great start!). She said “ahh…actually…” and pointed down with her hand and by this time I was in the elevator, its door had closed and it was obvious that she wanted to go down as well so she just stopped explaining. For the next 20 or so seconds, there was awkwardness and silence and then I got off on the first floor. Heh. So what should I do now? I think I’ll do what I always do. Ignore the signs till they go away.