Brand New!

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After spending 2 months on preparing for GMAT, taking it in October, then starting the long and tiresome application process and now after getting an admit in a school of my choice, I think its finally time to document my journey to a B school on my blog! I did write about how I felt going through the process in this and this post in a subtle manner.

My life is headed for a big change right now. A week from new I’ll be relieved from my job and next Saturday, I’ll be joining the business school . At a time when my life is about to go through such a major change, I decided to give the blog a well deserved makeover (along with a much needed upgrade from WordPress 2.2.2 to 2.7). I hope the new theme looks good. According to me, the theme fits the blog very well and gives it a clean, crispy look while making a personal connection with the reader. 

Becoming a student once again and not getting a monthly salary are some things I’m preparing myself for. And exams, of course! What makes this change bigger is that I’ll be moving to Hyderabad. The thought of leaving Bangalore makes me sad. I’ve spent a little less than five years here, after all. There is a possibiliy that I might come back after the programme ends next year but still. As I sell one peice of furniture after another, I feel like I am giving away a part of my life away. A life that I slowly built in four and a half years.

On the other hand, I am starting a new life with a clean slate and I feel like getting out of my comfort zone here was just the thing I needed to grow. And above all, I can finally experience the much hyped hostel life that I’ve only heard of till now. So wish me luck and brace yourself for new posts from a management student’s perspective!