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  • Since my room was locked for almost two weeks and Bangalore didn’t see any decent sunlight during that time, it had become really damp. You could actually smell the dampness. But I think I have managed to make it livable again in the little time I had.
  • It’s difficult to adjust to my life after a not-so-long vacation but I am trying. I went grocery shopping yesterday. Its always fun since it mostly consists of ready-to-eat food, juices, drinks, other eatables and few other stuff. But I bought the wrong deodorant by mistake. I was standing right in front of the one I wanted and then I got a call and then I took the one kept right next to it and since they are different fragrances from the same company, its difficult to distinguish between them. I sprayed it today morning and it smelled horrible. Then I read the name on the bottle and it was the wrong one. What do I do now? I can’t return it. I can’t use it. It’s basically useless. But I don’t get why the deodorant company came out with a product with such a horrible fragrance. It’s so bad that it makes me puke.
  • John Mayer has done it again. He left adult contemporary, which was considered his forte and formed a Blues band called John Mayer Trio (called JM3). Few people even called it a career suicide. Gutsy, huh? But their first single. “Who Did You Think It Was?” and its b-side, “Come When I Call” are both fabulous. The video for the single is very weird though. It features a record player playing their CD and shows the view from the window nearby the whole time, while moving closer to the CD slowly. I was just listening to their song so thought of including this in the post.