Eventful Thursday

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I am just back from day one of training on “Discovering Potential”. It was fun. Soft skill trainings are always fun. You get to play games, meet people from your office who you never talk to and most importantly, not work. Had a good day. Since the training room of my office, the training is being conducted in the conference room of a hotel nearby which means I get to stay away from work and get to eat food that has not been rejected by street cows like we usually do in the office cafeteria.

There is a guy in the training who is full of himself. He did participate actively but also doodled, drew cartoons, copied the painting on the wall on a paper and ended the day by making a paper froggy (you know, the one that jumps if u put a finger on its back and press). Well, he isn’t that bad.

In other news, I was very amused yesterday while channel surfing to see that ETC has an “Artist Of The Month” like thingy called, and I kid you not, “Supermard”. Wow! Even superman would have sounded less dumb. Gawd!

I’m a little tired right now and have a slight headache, so that’s all for now.