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It’s been a long time since I wrote my favorite kind of post, the one with an unordered list. So here it is.

  • I used to get a lot of spam 2-3 years back when hotmail didn’t have a spam detection engine. Most of these mails claimed that I had pre-approved credit cards and loans waiting for me. Of course, it was a lie. But last week, I got a real mail from Citibank telling me that I had a gold credit card waiting for me and I just had to login to their site, click on a button and it would be delivered to me. Now, I know it’s no big deal and I already have the card they are offering me so I won’t even be taking it but still it felt really good to be “pre-approved”.
  • Last weekend, I watched The Omen and Chup Chup Ke. The Omen was supposed to be a horror movie but it wasn’t too scary. Of course, there were scenes when the women in the audience got scared and shouted and I laughed but the movie was just okay. Also, I could clearly see the boom in at least three scenes. Chup Chup Ke was supposed to be a comedy, on the other hand, which it was in the first half but in the second half it became a cheap family melodrama where both the main actresses (Kareena Kapoor and Sushma Reddy) wanted the actor to marry the other one and the actor (Shahid Kapoor) just moved from side to side like a puppet. It was difficult to sit in the theatre for the last 30 minutes of the movie. On the whole, it was an average movie.
  • My training is finally over. It feels so good to sit in a cubicle again instead of a training room. And it’s a pretty nice and big cubicle so I like it here.