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I feel guilty for not being able to write my weekly post on RockStar:INXS and Picks of the Week. I didn’t get time because of the training. But the training was helpful. I got to analyze myself which I just love doing. We had a session where we had to make a list of all our strengths and weaknesses and others in the group were supposed to tell us the ways in which we can overcome those weaknesses. Or something like that. So anyway, making a list of my strengths and weaknesses was one of the easiest things I’ve ever had to do. I mean who know me better than myself and I am very self-aware. I won’t talk about my strengths here because that might seem pompous but I can talk about my weaknesses. So my list consisted of: Inflexibility, low concern for others (these two are on the basis of the personality form that I had my project leader and two friends fill up), snobbery and unfriendliness. To my surprise, the people in my group, people who I don’t know, readily agreed that I was a snob and that I ignored people who I don’t know. Didn’t see that coming. Heh. They all unanimously agreed that I am a coolheaded guy buy also that I look like I get angry easily. So a pact has been made that I will say hi and talk to them even after three months.

It was on Friday that I also realized that I might have a gambling problem.

This weekend I was mostly free to think about myself and I couldn’t help noting how much I’ve changed since I finished college last year. I am definitely not the same guy I was when I left Lucknow for Bangalore last July. Changes for the better, I suppose.