Fours years on!

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Four years ago, on this very day, I came to Bangalore. And things have been really good here. I’m happy with the way my life – professional and personal – has turned out in the last four years.

But lets go back to the day I came to Bangalore. I was all prepared to say goodbye to my home as it was the first time I was going away for so long. Nobody knew how long but I had an intuition that it wouldn’t be a short trip. But there was something else in store for me. When I woke up that day, I felt that my face was a little too stiff and it hurt when I touched it but it was ignored because there were more important things to do.

I boarded my flight in the afternoon and when I saw myself later in the wash room mirror of the plane, I realized that most part of my nose and nearby parts of my right cheek had hardened and turned red. As my flight kept flying, landing and taking off (It was a Lucknow-Delhi-Hyderabad-Bangalore flight) and time kept on passing, it kept getting worse. Finally, after arriving in Bangalore in the evening, it had turned into a big blister.

My sister and bro-in-law were at the airport to receive me. They took me to see the doctor as soon as we got home. It tuned out to have been caused by a Blister beetle. It might have attacked me while I packed my stuff the night before. I didn’t go out of the house much in the next few days because I didn’t want all the people to see me for the first time with a huge pussy blister on my face. Ah! it was terrible but it does make for a great story!