I Don’t Like It

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It’s never easy to accept the truth especially when the truth is that one is losing interest in blogging. Add to that the fact that one’s swamped with work and what you get is no post for exactly a month!! But lets not talk about it.

  • So my trip to Lucknow on Diwali went well. I spent 2 days in Delhi and just 9 days at home. Diwali night was fun though a little too windy. I took lots of photos out of which 14 pictures are posted on flickr for all of you. Most of those are of Gurgaon (a city I visited for the first time and what a disappointment it was!)
  • I also met some really old school friends back home, thanks to Orkut. For some reason, some of these friends felt really concerned about me because of my last post and suggested that I should obviously get married so that there’s someone to take care of me. The fact that I don’t want to get married anytime soon did not go down very well with them which is weird cos its one thing for such things to come from your parents but from your school friends? It’s totally weird!! And the best part is that my parents don’t even care about me getting married. Few relatives do but my dad knows how to get each and everyone of them to shut it. And my mom doesn’t encourage them as well. That’s why i love my parents! They are non-interfering. Just the kind i like.
  • After the heavy rains last week, I finally decided to buy an umbrella. And know what – it hasn’t rained ever since!!
  • And to end with some good news – if things go as planned, I will finally have my own personal laptop in a little over a week.