I Lost My Phone!

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Can’t believe I lost my phone and now some screwed-up guy (or gal) has it. Well, my T230 will be dearly missed. I liked it a lot and defended it whenever somebody said anything bad about it. It was my first cell phone after all. I feel so bad about losing it. How could I be so careless? I am not that careless usually. Bad luck, I guess. This is what my T230 looked like:

Sony Ericsson T230

But, life has to go on plus I was planning on buying a new phone anyway so I must decide which phone I should buy and I’ve already decided that I’ll buy Sony Ericsson K700i along with a leather case so that I don’t lose it. Here’s what a K700i looks like:

Sony Ericsson K700i

I will have my new phone in few days. Lets see if i get to retain my old number.