"I’m Real!"

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That’s the post talking in the title because the last two posts were too short to be called real posts.

I’ve noticed that it’s not just me whose post frequency has gone down but a lot of other bloggers I know have slowed down as well. I’d like to believe that it’s because of me. (Cue for people to say, “Yes, I miss your posts so much that I can’t get myself to write anything!)

That I haven’t written too many posts is no reason to believe that there’s nothing interesting happening in my life.

Just last weekend, I was looking for a particular “Main” and “Cross” in the godforsaken place called HSR Layout. And yes, it’s called so because nobody in the department, which names areas, was smart enough to come up with something better than Hosur-Sarjapur Road Layout.

In any case, I saw an aged man sitting outside his huge mansion and I assumed that he might know about this place but he only spoke Telugu or so he said. He directed me towards his neighbor’s daughter (or maybe granddaughter) who was playing with a football. She must have been 9-10 yrs old. So I thought to myself, “What does she know? She’s a kid!”

But I didn’t want to insult the old man so I went ahead and asked her the address. And guess what she said! “I don’t know. I’m just a kid!” It’s difficult to believe, right? She had the exact same thoughts as me. I smiled and said, “Its okay. I’ll ask someone else.” and got out of there.

In blog news, something huge happened on 11th March when somebody (from IIIT, Allahabad, according to Statcounter) wrote the longest comment on this blog and then few minutes later topped it up with a far bigger comment. Sure, most of it has been copy-pasted but so what? I would like to encourage others to write such long comments too in the future.