In Pursuit of Happiness

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Its been almost three and a half years since I stared working and to say that life’s become mundane and monotonous would be an understatement. Even going to the gym is part of the boring routine now. So I decided to try something new. Some things that I always wanted to do but never managed to get around doing. The major hurdle was that I didn’t want to be the guy who never finished what he started. But then I realized that not even giving things a try was much worse and so lately I’ve taken up not one but two things:

  • German language classes: The idea of learning a foreign language had been on my mind for quite some time and since I find German easier compared to most other languages and I found a teacher, I decided to go for it. The classes are held just once a week so the progress would be slow but I think I am picking it up rather well. I’ve even been complimented by the teacher a couple of times. I hope to become proficient in speaking, reading and writing German soon.
  • Guitar classes: Playing the guitar has been a childhood dream and I am really thrilled that it might become a reality soon. The classes are over the weekend and I’ve only been to three classes till now – most of which have been theoretical about musical notations. I did get to play a little bit in the last class though and I bought my first guitar yesterday. Its black, looks sexy and sounds good (in the hands of a friend, that is. I can’t play anything yet!)

I am determined to not give these up midway once the initial enthusiasm dies down. I would hate to disappoint myself. Wish me luck! TschΓΌs!