Instant Happiness

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16th July, 2004 was when I came to Bangalore and yesterday I completed 2 years in the city. The city has been really nice to me in these two years. I have grown really attached to the city. I consider it my second home. And I feel good about Bangalore these days. After a development drought of several months, the city is getting some share of development. Roads are being rebuilt and repaired; long delayed flyovers are finally getting ready, new sidewalks are being made. Things are looking up.

As one might have noticed, I didn’t write a post in the last 10 days or so and since it’s important that I blame someone, I would like to place the entire blame on some people in my blog neighborhood who also happen to be my blog’s loyal readers (at least three of them) for not reading my blog and commenting on the posts in the past couple of weeks. The only consolation is that they are genuinely busy which can be proved from the fact they’ve not been updating their blogs. So it’s not like they are just ignoring my blog.

Last Saturday, amidst all the rain and the accompanying madness, I bought a new digicam. It’s a Canon Powershot S2 IS. It’s absolutely fabulous. What this means is that you’ll soon get to see lots of pictures on this blog. None today though cos I haven’t taken any worthwhile pictures yet except for a pretty neat picture of my dirty rain-soaked shoes.