Real, Surreal

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I realized something the first time I stepped out of the college campus. That if you live in a campus for too long, the campus becomes your whole world and all the small problems within the campus seem big and extremely important. But only when you go out and see that there’s a real world outside can you put things back in perspective. Which is why I’ve made a point to go out once a week so that I don’t lose touch with reality.

That’s not saying that I don’t like the world inside the campus. In fact, I love it! I don’t remember ever working for as many hours a day as I do now. My life here so far has already shown me that I’m capable of much more than I thought. This might come as a surprise to some of my friends here, especially my study group mates, but I actually enjoy working on the assignments at weird hours of the day. Whats scary is that I’ll have to leave this make believe world in around 9 months and go back to the real world.

In other news, I have a great (at least I think so!) view from my bedroom window. And just so you all could agree with me, here’s a picture!

View from my Window


Also, the part of Hyderabad I’m in isn’t too bad. Its pretty close to the upmarket areas of Jubilee Hills and Banjara Hills which have some of the best hangouts. But I still miss Bangalore, particularly my neighborhood of Kalyan Nagar and Banaswadi.