Sale Fear

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  • It’s the season of sales. Every clothing brand currently has an ongoing “off season” sale going on which offer up to 70% off in some cases. I’ve always found these sales scary. There are too many people in the store during the sale, clothes are just lying around everywhere and I can never find anything my size. I accompanied a friend to such a sale last Sunday and spent many hours trying to find something I liked. In the end, I couldn’t and decided to go back there when the sale is over. I guess I am destined to pay more for my clothes.
  • Yesterday evening, I finally finished reading “To Kill A Mockingbird”. I started reading it more than a month ago. Its the first novel I’ve read in years and I really liked it. I’ll be watching the movie too really soon. I consider this an achievement. I am working towards finishing things I start in life, small or big. I firmly believe in these lines:
  • I refuse to believe
    That my life’s gonna be
    Just some string of incompletes

  • Sunday night, I developed an allergy to something I ate and most of my body started itching. I somehow managed to sleep at night. I saw the doctor yesterday and got a few tablets to take care of it. These tablets, though helpful, make me drowsy. Right now, I don’t just feel drowsy but tired, bored and boring too. And that has brought my age old fear of turning into a boring guy one day to forefront again. Really, I fear that I’ll soon turn into one of those typical boring people. I hope that doesn’t happen.