Show off and Much More

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First things first. Presenting before you, my totally new laptop, an HP Pavilion dv6114tx. I need a name for it. So please suggest a name. It should obviously be a heroic name like Merlin or something.

My laptop
Looks sexy, doesn’t it? (The pic has been deliberately cropped to ensure that you don’t see the wire clutter.)

And now, the second showcasing of the post. Yes, its my brand new iPod 80 GB.

My ipod
Please note that my palm just made its second appearance on this blog.

And I know that its not a very good picture but its difficult to take pics of gadgets for me so I can’t help it.

Now that we’re done with the aforementioned show off, lets talk about something else. Like how crazy I am about Tropicana’s Lychee Twirl. I drink it like water. Thank god I don’t drink alcohol. Otherwise, I would have been an alcoholic. I have absolutely no self-restraint.

Also, I’ve luckily found some awesome DVDs to add to my collection. I now own Airplane! which is like the funniest movie ever. Hey, its not just me. American Film Institute thinks so too. Plus, I have its sequel, the Police Academy series, The Naked Gun series and Hot Shots and its sequel. I’ve seen quite a few other movies and would recommend Finding Nemo and Khosla Ka Ghosla to everyone.

This post was written by me four days ago but thanks to the unbelievably excellent service from my broadband provider, Tata Indicom, it got delayed. Its only been 23 days since I first came in touch with Tata Indicom people and I already hate them so much. I never knew I was capable of so much hatred. I want them to be wiped off the planet. But lets not talk about them in this post. They deserve an entire post. Actually, they deserve much more but that’s okay.