Some more skyline love

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As you all might remember, I love skyscrapers and skylines. I also frequent a very popular urban centric forum called skyscrapercity.

Now, I started visiting this forum way back in 2003. At that time, there were hardly any Indian forumers but as time passed, more and more Indian forumers joined in and now there’s even an Indian subforum there. So it seems like more Indians are interested in skyscrapers. Also, till some time ago, there was a dearth of good high quality pictures of indian cityscapes and skylines but that seems to be changing too.

The following are few new images of Mumbai (India’s best skyline) taken from the forum. These show some new areas of Mumbai and few old ones from new perspective. Please click the images for a larger, better view. The third picture is the best of the lot, in my opinion.

Ariel View Of Carter Road


Powai at Night

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