Super Randomness

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So, a lot happened since the last post. Here’s a gist: Term 2 ended. I took a four vacation and visited home. Term 3 began. All hell broke lose. Term 3 ended. The world was beautiful again!

In the five day break last week, I tried to make the most of the beautiful world and I chose to mostly do nothing to enjoy the days properly. I did, however, watch a cult Hindi movie, Gunda, which was nothing short of a classic. Scene after scene of pure unadulterated, unintentional comedy.

And on Saturday, not only did I find this clip on you tube of a hillarious scene from the movie Clerk but my flatmate, Amit, also ordered the movie which is finally available after years of wait. Yay!

Moving on, the weather has been phenomenally good in Hyderabad for the past den days or so and the greenery in the campus looks livelier than ever before.

Term 4 began today and the usual grind has started.