The Big Move

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After living in my (now) old studio apartment for a little over 3 years, I finally moved into to a much bigger apartment in a new neighborhood.
What makes this move even bigger is the fact that I don’t live alone anymore. I share the new apartment with a colleague/friend. The new apartment is bigger, better, closer to work and the new neighborhood is one of the very few proper suburbs in Bangalore complete with wide, mostly traffic-free, tree lined avenues. The move made sense and I am happy I did it but I miss my old place. It even had a connection with this blog. I started regular blogging with this post about the loneliness I sometimes felt living there and the place made an appearance in the blog from time to time sometimes even with pictures. My old area of Benson Town – Nandidurg Road would also be missed by me. It too made a few appearances on the blog here and here.

What this move also means is that I don’t take the shuttle to work anymore. Though I won’t miss the venom-spewing buses, I will miss all my friends on the shuttle, some of who always listened to my long stories and rants about the smallest of things early in the morning! I will also miss some unusual and funny characters on the shuttle including ‘Loudy & The Kingfisher’, Jesus Man, Laptop Killer, The Twins and Toad (nicknames courtesy me and a friend).

I accepted this move as a challenge. I have never lived in a hostel or with roommates and I felt that this was the last opportunity for such an experience. So I’ve made the move and things have been good so far. I just hope it doesn’t turn out to be a mistake. Wish me luck!