The Letter

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Since I was always a disciplined student, I never had to go see my school’s principal in her office for doing something wrong. I wanted to sail through college with the same unblemished record but as luck would have it, I did have to go see the director of my institute once. And it happened because of a dumb letter I wrote. This is a not-so-long, not-properly-told-cos-I-cant-write-well tale of the letter that haunted me for quite some time.

There was this girl in my class who didn’t speak to anyone in the class and nobody spoke to her cos she was kind of timid (not that there’s anything wrong with that). Lets call her Gehu. She was a weirdo. The legend had it that in a viva in first year, she didn’t answer a single question and later proudly told everyone that the examiners tried a lot but she didn’t open her mouth.

Now one day, in the third semester, during a very boring class of Electrical Measurements, my boredom mixed with my dumbness (dangerous combination, that) caused me to write this letter:

To you,
I hate you.
-From Me.

Dumb, huh?

And thanks to two of my friends, Sameer and Sonal, it made its way to Gehu.

They thought it would be funny. I had my doubts. And I was right.

She cried later that day in her bus (as reported by our bus news bureau chief, Ritu), got her section changed and complained against all three of us to the director. But we only came to know about it a week later when the three of us were asked to go see the director.

Since we figured out why we had been called, we cornered Gehu first and asked her about it. She said that she was really hurt by the letter. We feigned apology and got her to go with us to see the director.

Fortunately for us, the director found this whole thing as dumb as it was and we almost convinced him that she made a big issue out of it cos she wanted to get her section changed (she had tried to do that once before too with no success). Basically, the three of us said that it was just a joke, that we were passing that note to all our friends and we didn’t mean to hurt anyone. We were a little worried though that Gehu might say something in front of the director but guess what she said. C’mon, take a guess? No? Okay. She said nothing!! So the legend must have been true.

So we got off easily with just a small speech about we shouldn’t do something that might hurt someone. But the most important thing in all this was that even though I wrote the letter, in the list of names that Gehu gave to the director, my name was the last. Yes!!

P.S.: I just realized that this post shows my friends and me in a very bad light but we’re really not that bad, especially not me.