Those Were The Days

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From mid 2001 right up to mid 2003, I was pretty much addicted to PC gaming.

I played all kinds of games but the genre that I liked the most was RTS (Real time strategy) closely followed by FPS (First Person Shooting) and Racing.

Whenever I got a new game, I used to play the game for days. (Yes, I had to go to college but I bunked it once in a while). Of course, it wasn’t easy to play the whole day without being disturbed. Mom used to call (read “shout at”) me at regular intervals because tea/breakfast/lunch/snacks/dinner/something was ready. Of course, even her shouting couldn’t get me away from the game so most of the times I ended up eating in front of my comp.
The urge of finish a game never let me stop before I finished the whole game. I remember playing Max Payne for two and a half days continuously or playing The Age Of Empires in the whole Christmas vacations, campaigns of which lasted for hours and time seemed to just fly by.

Some games were more difficult than others. Delta Force was impossible to win and it took me quite some time to learn to control a car let alone win a race in Need For Speed 5.

And even sleeping couldn’t keep me away from thinking about games. I often dreamed about how I could kill a particular guy in Quake 3 before he killed me or how to win a “Capture the Flag” in Unreal Tournament.

But then as time passed by, my love for games started fading which was partly due to the fact that new games needed a Pentium 4 machine with 32MB graphics card when I just had a Pentium 3/850Mhz machine with a 16MB graphics card. I was sane enough to not upgrade my system just for playing games although I was quite disheartened when I got to know that I wont be able to play Unreal 2. I bought Age of Mythology to help me get over that.

My penchant for games is not dead yet. I plan on buying a playstation very soon. But this was one phase of my life that I will always cherish.