Twenty Two

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22 days of the new year passed without no new posts but this time I would like to put the blame on the worst Broadband service provider ever – Tata Indicom. Seriously!!

The week before last was a really bad week in terms of customer service for me. Other than Tata Indicom (of course!), I had some really bad experiences with INOX and Pizza Hut. In case of INOX, it was not just bad but also very weird and inadvertently funny. It took them 10 minutes to note down my address on phone and I was asked questions like “Is there a society in your area?” and “Do you stay behind Krishna’s house?” making me ask “What does that mean?” and “Who is Krishna?” in return. I didn’t get any answers.

Last week, the Celebrity Big Brother controversy was all over the place. And for me, the best part about it was that I was following the show from Day 1 and so I saw the controversy being born in the discussion forums right in front of me. It feels good to be part of something from the beginning. No matter what it is!  As far as the racism debate goes, being someone who has never faced it, I think its very subjective and very difficult to prove most of the times. I do find it funny though that the three (non-)celebs in question – Jade, Jo and Danielle, or the “Witches of Eastwick” as they are referred to in the forums, must have never imagined in their dreams that participating in a reality show would ruin their careers. Danielle, who I think said the nastiest things, doesn’t even know that she has already lost one contract and might lose 2 more and has been dumped by her footballer boyfriend (for now, at least!). Now that’s reality TV!

In other news, work on the new blog template is almost over but I have not decided on the domain name I want yet. I would have asked for help but after last time’s suggestions to the tune of “Raj’s laptop” for my laptop, I think there’s no use. But you could still help if you want. If I can’t find a better name, I would have to settle for

I attended one of my friends’ wedding yesterday. It is the first I’ve attended in 2 and a half years and the first in Bangalore. It was fun! Its the season of weddings. 8 people I know are getting married in 1 months’ time.

Update: Two people asked about my bad experience with Pizza Hut so here’s what happened. I called them up and placed an order for home delivery. I was promised that my order would reach me in 30-40 mins like always. But instead I got a call after 40 mins from the delivery guy asking for directions. I gave him all the directions and also mentioned the landmark (which he claimed to know) that was written on the slip as part of my address. He called me again after 10 mins saying that he still could not find the place. I told him everything very clearly. 7 more mins passed and I was very angry now. I went out and stood near the gate. I saw this guy asking people on the road for the house number and waved my hand and told him that this was the house. He finally came in, gave me everything and then I noticed that the bottle of Pepsi was missing. He then promised to come back in two minutes but actually came back after 7-8 minutes with the Pepsi that he must have bought from somewhere. It was not even chilled. I asked him what the problem was and he had the audacity to tell me that my house was “off the grid” and that they are not supposed to deliver there. I was furious now. I told him that he wasn’t the first guy to deliver to my place and then sarcastically asked him if that’s why he forgot to bring Pepsi too. I immediately called up Pizza Hut again and told them everything that happened. The woman on the line heard me out patiently, pretended to care and thanked me for letting her know about it.

Also, it looks like blogger found out that I’m going to leave it soon. Its been giving me a hard time for the past two days.