Twenty Two Again!

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In case you are wondering what the title means, I wrote this post titled Twenty Two exactly an year ago.
The last few days have been full of confusion. Has it ever happened to you feel that even though everything is going okay, you still feel a little concerned  as if something is not right. Also, I keep trying to do new things in life but somehow all of those soon merge into the mundane fabric of my life. Is there even a solution? I’m not sure. I’m not even sure if I make sense at all. But I am still gonna write it. You see, one of my problems that I’ve recognized recently is over thinking. In fact, there are many draft posts that never got published because of it. And as they say, accepting a problem is the first step towards solving it. So lets see how this goes.

Interestingly, in the post that I wrote an year ago, I had mentioned how my broadband provider was being a real pain. What I didn’t tell you was how I called up its customer service center everyday and gave the guy/gal a piece of my mind. They somehow always managed to get on my nerves. They made me discover how much hatred I was capable of. After a point of time, I started to talk to them with sarcasm only. As a result, I said some stuff that I have never said to anybody in my life. Here are few samples. Remember, they drove me crazy and I do not repent saying any of this:

“Not all of your customers are as dumb as you!”

“Does your company only hire retards?”

“Can anybody on the field team read?”

“How many of your company’s employees do I have to kill to get my connection fixed?”

“Do you use a different system of units for measuring time?”

“You suck at your job. Please quit!”

Ah, good times!